Why do we care so much about what others think?

When our goal is to be our authentic self, why do we let other peoples’ negative opinions hurt or hold us back?

Where does this need for validation and approval come from, and how can you learn to overcome it so that you can feel confident in the choices you make, and the ways you authentically express yourself?


In parts 1 & 2 of this double-episode, we go deep on

  • The personal, social, evolutionary reasons why we can seek others’ approval;
  • What are the pitfalls, challenges and lessons, and what’s in it for our personal growth;
  • How we can be our Authentic Selves, and connect with people who we can Be that ‘Self’ with;
  • And how to choose who’s opinions to embrace, who’s to reject, and the reasons why.

Episodes 7 & 8 RESOURCE : I just read a wonderful book by Radha Agarwal, ‘Belong’, where she talks all about creating your own tribe or community of like-minded and like-hearted people to be a part of. Actually, I listened to in on Audible, and I loved hearing it read by her.

This is a great resource on this topic, and I highly recommend it. Belong, Radha Agarwal.

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